Best of Curv®
  • Lite-Biz


    The Curv® that's
    best for business

    Lite-Biz is Samsonite’s first Curv® collection with a fully recessed front pocket, offering immediate access to travel documents and business essentials at the security check. Lite-Biz has a striking design appeal and comes in 4 fully featured models.

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    Samsonite Lite-Biz Upright 55cm Zwart

    Lite-Biz Upright 55cm Zwart

    € 369,00

  • Cosmolite


    The most
    iconic Curv®

    Cosmolite is Samsonite’s iconic collection made with the revolutionary Curv® technology. This fashionable collection is a bestseller thanks to the combination of its unique shape, amazing colours, great strength and immense lightness.

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    Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner 69cm Rood

    Cosmolite Spinner 69cm Rood

    € 385,00

  • Lite-Cube DLX

    Lite-Cube DLX

    The most
    luxurious Curv®

    Lite-Cube DLX offers a highly stylish and comfortable travel experience. This luxury version of Lite-Cube is deluxe in terms of look and detailing through the use of leather, sophisticated colours and a full specification interior.

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    Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX Spinner 82cm Aluminium

    Lite-Cube DLX Spinner 82cm Aluminium

    € 549,00

  • Lite-Cube


    The most
    featured Curv®

    Lite-Cube combines timeless style with contemporary comfort. The lightweight collection has a popular classic design and is highly featured, providing extra travelling comfort.

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    Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner 82cm Electric blue

    Lite-Cube Spinner 82cm Electric blue

    € 485,00

  • Firelite


    The sportiest

    Firelite is the perfect travel companion for the dynamic traveller’s journey. It combines extreme strength and lightness, due to the revolutionary Curv® material with a unique sporty shape, bold colours, sporty wheels and a water resistant zipper.

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    Samsonite Firelite Spinner 81cm Chili red

    Firelite Spinner 81cm Chili red

    € 479,00

  • Lite-Shock


    The lightest Curv®

    Lite-Shock combines minimal weight with maximum impact resistance. Its organic shape is reinforced and designed to absorb impact. Ultra-light high comfort components result in an extra lightweight collection, setting a new standard.

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    Lite-Shock Spinner 81cm Sand

    € 435,00

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  • Lite-Locked


    The most
    Secure Curv®

    Lite-Locked combines 3 key elements deeply embedded in Samsonite’s long-term DNA:Cosmolite’s iconic design, three-point locking and the light Curv® technology. The three-point locking system offers greater security and is very easy to use, making travel more relaxed and comfortable.

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    Samsonite Lite-Locked Spinner 69cm Off white

    Lite-Locked Spinner 69cm Off white

    € 435,00


The most
Secure Curv®

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